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Tin Can Jam
Tin Can Jam entertains with outstanding vocals and a wide variety of classic rock from the 70's, 80's & 90's. From April Wine , Steve Miller, Trooper, Cheap Trick, Billy Joel, The Cult and many more. We do concerts, corporate events, clubs, private parties and weddings.
Steel Wound
Steel Wound is an acoustic trio based out of Vernon. They present a repertoire of original tunes and semi-obscure alt-root jazzy country blues covering the past sixty years or so. There's something for everyone in their blends of three part harmonies, acoustic and slide guitars, mandolin, upright bass, tuba and harmonica. Steel Wound makes the old ones sound new againand the new ones cound vaguely familiar.
Contact Kerry Parks (250)545-6408 Keith Hustler(250)549-6520     facebook:Steel Wound
Junk Yard Dogs
Junk Yard Dogs cover a wide array of classic rock, country rock, country western and blues music. We are a fully outfitted band with a complete sound system and lighting.
Phone (250)838-2347   email web
Natalie Ingram
Natalie Ingram is a guitarist, trombone player, singer-songwriter and experienced performer who plays a mixture of original and cover tunes. Her style of music is eclectic and is informed by a variety of genres including swing, jazz, blues, country, and folk-rock.
Marv Machura & Red Poppy Productions
Marv Machura, described by Penguin Eggs Magazine as a "winning singer and talented guitar player," is an engaging and fun singer-songwriting entertainer delivering both classic and original country, rock, and folk music to appreciative audiences. Machura follows traditions of contemporary singer-songwriters in the rock, country, and folk styling of artists like Neil Young, Fred Eaglesmith, Steve Earle, Neil Diamond, Gordon Lightfoot, Jim Croce, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Ian Tyson, John Denver, etc. Machura is equally at home with just his acoustic guitar and voice, leading his band, or performing as a duo (with a sideman).A veteran performer, Machura has been entertaining audiences for 25 + years.His latest disc, I Want You, co-produced by Carson Cole (Wide Mouth Mason, etc), has been receiving good reviews and radio/internet support.  This disc is his fourth CD.  Music from his previous discs (2003, 2004, 2009) continues to push Machura into an ever wider and appreciative spotlight.
Although Machura has published 20 songs in Nashville, he is primarily known as a recording artist and performing singer/songwriter in the Western Canadian Roots vein.  Peter Pirquet of the Full Moon folk club says, “imagine John Denver with an electric guitar—a crowd favourite.”Note: Machura is pronounced Ma-chúr-a, as in “mature-a.”
Visit for more information or call Red Poppy Productions: 250-307-1505
Ginger & Rose
Like a fine red wine and a plate of stinky cheese, or that perfect cup of coffee with just the right amount of cream, the pairing of Ginger & Rose is lovingly prepared musical fare. Comprised of singer songwriters Jayme Mckillop and Lowell Friesen, Ginger & Rose contrast and compliment each other like any great pairing, bringing their diverse styles into the kitchen and cooking up a unique and soulful musical banquet. Jayme brings her personal and political ingredients to the table, writing edgy heartfelt lyrics hinting at inspiration from Joni and Ani, while Lowell contributes a sometimes quieter country sensibility flavouring the meal with his folky, gospel and (sometimes) punk roots. Together they blend the lovelorn with the hopeful, simmering the joy and the tragedy of life while celebrating the multiplicities of experience in song. The combination is a 5 star, 6 course gourmet feast of rootsyriffs and thought provoking poetry. Full Moon Sessions is at once a culmination of the many years spent playing together and a starting point for new musical adventures. The duo are joined by some of the area's finest musicians who lend a big sound to Ginger & Rose's debut recording. Featuring Rod Mcdonald on bass, Bruce Collis on percussion, Erin Smith on accordion and Anjuli Otter on violin, the 6 song E.P. covers a surprising amount of ground for its relatively short duration hitting on their folk and country roots and touching on bits of funk and alternative rock. The album was recorded in Kelowna at Music City Studios by Mike Pederson and mixed and mastered by Corwin Fox at Pleasantville on Vancouver Island.   email
OM is a multi-instrumental power-duo featuring Orion Miller and Marina Durham.  Fusing the wide variety of sounds that they have assimilated during their world travels, they blend instruments and styles with a consistent, underlying groove.  Over ten different instruments are used in their enchanting live show, including keyboards, guitar, didgeridoo, tablas, and horns.  Underneath their songs' catchy melodies and unique arrangements are thought provoking lyrics, complex chords, and heart rending vocal harmonies.  One minute you'll be itching to dance, the next you'll be sitting entranced!  Marina and Orion deliver an engaging and intimate performance. Much of OM's subject matter encompasses humanitarian and environmental issues.  Rather than negatively blaming or complaining, they take the opposite, optimistic approach.  They encourage people to introspect and THINK, recognizing that change begins with ourselves. But OM doesn't stay confined to the stage!  They independently released their debut album, "Fire & Water," in June 2012.  Recorded, edited, produced, mixed, and mastered in their small studio, it accurately captures their live dynamics while utilizing the expansive freedoms inherent in the studio environment. Live or recorded, OM manifests the joy of the creative spirit.  Painted on a canvas of silence, their music will leave you transfixed, contemplating the deeper natures of the world and the creatures inhabiting it. Contact Orion Miller for bookings and information:
The GOODS are one of the North Okanagan's favourite party and event bands. The GOODS are James Taylor, Todd York and Aaron Anderson. Creating an event out of every engagement. Booking agent Aaron Anderson     250-308-7999
Denis Letourneau and Susan Schaffer, -Romanza del Acro Duo
Concertmaster and Assistant Concertmaster of the Okanagan Symphony. We also go under the title: 'Romanza del Arco Duo' which offers classical violin and violin/viola music for all occasions. The two of us are also members of the 'Heartstrings String Quartet' which also performs for all types of occasions going on 25 years and counting.
In addition, Denis plays electric 5 string violin in the 'Green Dragon Jazz Trio' and with other local artists in various combinations. For more information please check out: Denis and Susan live in Armstrong and can be reached at: ph. 250-546-6292 or by e-mail:
Hard Row
Hard Row is an acoustic music group that performs traditional/folk music that speaks of love, loss and lament, and connects the relevance of the music they play with the world today. Contact Kim Sinclair @ 250-546-9440.  Email:
GoldLine Drums By Bill Machuga
Hand crafted, stave built Djembes & Ashikos
Phone (250)765-1865